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Hey! Thanks for coming to read my blog, I appreciate you. 😉

You’re probably wondering what this blog will really entail, being that I’m a marketing specialist.

When most people think of blogs, their mind instantly runs to the Pinterest gurus who share their latest home workouts, favorite recipes, and life hacks. I may get into some of that stuff, but what I really want to do is help you grow on a personal and professional level.

This blog is [mostly] for individuals or small business owners who are either just getting started or revamping. This includes the side hustlers and solopreneurs, not just the big guys. I’ll cover topics such as branding, how to market with little to no budget, web design, social media, and more! These things are all EXTREMELY important to running a successful business.

Now you might have found this blog because you were looking for someone who offers the services that I do [How ya doinnn’ – please understand this is from Friends]. Whether you decide to do these things on your own or hire someone to help [Like myself. Shameless plug. Not sorry.], my hope is to give you the tools to feel more confident with your choices.

If you love learning and personal development. You’ll feel right at home here. Other than business advice, I hope to provide life advice as well as other simple things such as how to stay active with a busy schedule or prioritizing yourself above all. If you were looking for the best place to start, you found it right here.

We might have a lot more in common then you think. I know a lot of the people I’ve worked with in the past are working towards building a business that they’ll run full-time. So that means you’re working one job full-time while building your business on the side. I did this for 2 years before leaving my full-time job. I ran myself into the ground to make this possible. Now do I recommend going balls to the wall like I did? Probably not. Do I recommend chasing after what you want? Hell yes.

Since this blog is new, I haven’t been shared on any fancy websites or mentioned by big names in the community. BUT I have experience. I have a background in art that goes as far back as middle school [I’ve won a couple of art contests, no big deal]. The rest? I’ve taught myself. Anything I know about marketing or digital design comes completely from hours of reading and YouTubing. I’m constantly learning new things to make my job easier on myself but also to deliver better content to my clients and readers.

So how did I get here? To be honest, it comes from having a quarter life crisis. Yo, I am dead serious. I thought my life was over. They say that sometimes when things get dark, that you think you’ve been buried. But in reality, you’ve actually been planted. I am living, breathing proof of this. I’ll talk more about my mental health struggles at a later time, but they played a major part in how I got to where I am today.

Okay, now a little bit about me. I mean…we have to relate on some level besides business, amiright?!

I’m originally from Akron, Ohio but just recently moved to Columbus. I am a loyal Browns fan [I know, I know], and a dedicated Ohio State fan. My first love is basketball, my second is the gym, and my third is my cat, Oreo. He’s a handsome boi. I’m obsessed with eggs benedict and mimosas [preferably bottomless]…really just brunch in general. If you aren’t as obsessed with the show New Girl as I am…I’m questioning this friendship.

Joking! But really. I am totally obsessed and you need to watch it already if you haven’t.

I hope you and I can get sh*t done together! Let’s make your dreams a reality and let me know if I can help you in any way. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my email list to stay in the loop, get allllll of the deals, and be my friend!

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